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Posted: 09/10/16

Summer’s End

Wild and crazy is how I’d describe this summer, my favorite season, as it’s nearing the end. From going from one end of the state to the other to visit family and friends, to happily welcoming home returning friends, to some freaky storms, to working with an awesome group of people from Arizona), to celebrating a wedding with dear friends, reconnecting with old friends, celebrating grandkids' and friends' birthdays, to some spectacular hikes and drives in the Black Hills, I don’t know if I’ve ever had this much fun.

There are things on my list I didn’t get to, such as getting out and photographing all the flowers in Rapid City’s parks while they were at their peak. The Parks Department and the Rapid City Garden Club do an incredible job of making our city beautiful. Now the flowers are fading…they’ve weathered at least three hail storms and tremendous winds, but there is still beauty there.

With the end of summer there are regrets…regrets that I didn’t get to spend more time with all the people I care about, regrets that I didn’t lose all that extra weight like I planned, regrets that we never got around to hosting a patio party, regrets that I didn’t finish writing that New York Times #1 bestseller (ha!), but I will treasure all the memories that this summer brought and I can’t wait until next summer to return. Thanks, friends, and family! It’s been a blast!





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