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Posted:  October 1, 2019

Get Your Hands Off My Kindle!

Most of the people I've asked say they prefer real books – paperbacks and hardcover.  They like the feel of the paper between their fingers as they flip the pages and the excitement and satisfaction of turning an actual page. 

My Mom loved to read, and one of her favorite pass-times was browsing the thrift stores for books she hadn't read, which had to be hard for her, as she read many over her lifetime.  Besides being an avid reader, she had many other hobbies:  quilt making, cross-stitch, embroidery, crocheting, and crossword puzzles.  I wanted to buy her a Kindle for Christmas once, and she declined saying she would never use it.  She liked the smell of her books and had stacks of them on a bookshelf in the living room.  She also enjoyed passing her books along to those of us who liked to read.  They collected dust, but she didn't mind.  Often, she would have all the books in a series and have them lined up in order on the shelf.  She always knew which book in the series was next, if she didn't already have it. 

All that is well and good, but I still prefer my Kindle.  I don't have to dust off a bunch of books and figure out where to stack them.  I have a total of seven actual books on a shelf above my office desk, and I'm sure they are in bad need of dusting as they never get taken down.  They are books that I don't want to get rid of, like my favorite nonfiction account of the dirty thirties, written by Timothy Egan, "The Worst Hard Times." He brings history alive by telling the facts in a story-like manner. 

I usually have two books on my Kindle that I read at the same time, a fiction book, along with some inspirational book or self-help book (oh Lord, I've read many!)  Kindle keeps my books stored in the cloud so that if the device should break down, I will always have access to the books I purchased. 

After I'm done reading a book, it gets stored into "Collections" for easy access.  Right now, my collections consist of Awful; Fiction, Drama; Fiction, Romance; Inspirational (2 collections); Nonfiction; and Poetry.  Yes, I do have two books in the Awful category, but I have hundreds of others in the other categories.  I love to read Biographies and Autobiographies and Memoirs, especially of famous people, because I like to learn what made them tick as human beings and how they achieved success.   

My inspirational category includes books by authors in the Christian genre, such as Mark Batterson, Joyce Myer, and Jack Canfield.  I recommend any of these authors if you want to build your faith.  Anything by Zig Ziglar is inspiring and entertaining, as he is a great storyteller. 

In the Romance category, I appreciate books by Nicolas Sparks and John Green.  I aspire to be the next great romance writer. 

With digital books, you can put your finger on a word, and a dictionary definition of that word will pop up.  It's quick and easy to learn the meaning without having to put your Kindle down and go in search of a hardcover dictionary. It's such a great learning tool – without it, I would skip over words I don't know because I'm too lazy to look up the word. 

You can also highlight quotes and essential information in the book and choose what color highlighter to use.  This is an excellent help to me, as I often want to go back and read parts of a book.  You can also see quotes that other readers have highlighted. 

I have over one hundred books stored in the Cloud of my Kindle.  If I had to manage the real books, I would have to find a place to store them all and would be adding to the piles throughout my lifetime. 

Some important and fabulous books will never go digital, and that is just fine. That's when the library comes in handy.  In the meantime, I guess I'll sit here in my comfortable chair and order up another digital book, and within seconds I'll be onto my next fantastic story.  Which is another plus with digital books (at least from Amazon) - the books get rated by the readers.  I only buy books with a five-star rating and which have been rated by over two hundred people. It's a pretty good indication that I won't be disappointed with my purchase.   

So, keep your hands off my Kindle – I'll be reading in bed tonight, and I don't have to hang on to a weighty book, and I can swipe to the side when ready to turn the page.   Life is just too darn easy. 

Which do you prefer - digital books or real books?  Please comment.  




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