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Port Aransas TX

Posted:  February 19, 2019

Kudos Young Man

He came promenading down a side street wearing only a pair of black swim trunks.  He was even barefoot.  As he came upon the sand of the Port Aransas beach in Texas, he didn’t look to the right or to the left.  He walked as if on a mission.  The outside temperature was 62 degrees, and I heard on the news the water temperature was 52 degrees. 

We were driving along the beach, and as soon as I saw the young man, I asked Al to pull over.  My curiosity was up, and I wanted to watch what he was doing.  He appeared to be in his early twenties, had ruffled brown hair, and fair skin.  He had a good body, but not that athletic looking.  We had been on the beach most of the day, but no one had actually gone past their ankles in the water.  

Stunned and feeling a bit like a peeping Tomette, I watched the young man head straight for the water walking at a quick pace.  He had a determined look on his face and appeared to be focused on just the ocean. 

Everyone we saw that day was in hoodies, and many had their hoods on their heads protecting their ears from the cool ocean breezes.  But here was this young man, bare-chested only in his shorts.  He never slowed his pace.  He sprinted smack dab in the water up to his waist, then immediately dove in.  He jumped back up so fast you could see the expression of shock on his face, and I heard him yell something.  He quickly dunked again then headed right back out of the water and back to whence he came, still not acknowledging anything or anyone around him, back straight and standing tall.  I wanted to cheer him on as he went by us but kept quiet.  Besides admiring his physique (did I mention hard nipples and goose bumps?), I was in awe of his bravery.  I was envious of his adventurous personality.  (There once was a time I might have done the exact same thing – well okay – maybe if someone dared me and I had a few drinks in me and definitely not topless.)

I could only speculate why he did what he did.  Was he doing it on a dare?  Did he have a hard day at work and just need to clear his head?  Did he do it to prove his love to his sweetheart?  Did he just want to take a dip in the ocean for the first time, no matter the conditions?  He didn’t appear to be drunk, but was he hung over?  Only he knows, and I am left to ponder. 

I applaud you, young man.  You appear to be someone who cares not what others think.  At your young age, that is an accomplishment that many don’t reach until years later, if ever.  I applaud your adventurous spirit.  I applaud your determination, and I am guessing you will be successful at whatever you are choosing to do with your life.  Kudos for having guts in this world that is spinning out of control.  You went for the gusto.   Don’t lose yourself no matter what happens to you, be you!






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