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Posted:  August 20, 2019

Blog Post Ideas

My mission in life is to entertain, enlighten, educate and/or enrich people’s lives with my writing.  With that comes the necessity of blogging, but ideas are hard to come by.   A writer should choose topics that appeal to their audience. 

Following is a list of some of my more brilliant blog post ideas.  I need your help planning my blog calendar.  Can you please type the number of your preferred topics in the comments, so I get a sense of what you all want?  “How to” posts are extremely popular, so here are some of my ideas: 

1.  How to turn a happy day into a crappy day

2.  How to make jibberish out of something

3.  How to upset the apple cart or was that putting the cart before the horse

4.  How to not react when someone is barking up your tree

5.  How to avoid responsibilities when you were born with a responsible bone in your body

6.  How to kick up your heels when your dogs are tired

7.  How to live like you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth even though it was really rusted tin

8.  How to dance like a diva even if you’re butt cheeks are sagging

9.  How to get to the back, Jack, when your name is Jill

10. How to live within your means even if your means equal minus $1000.00

11. How to capture an audience and never let them go (unless they pay a ransom)

12. How to turn the other cheek despite that fact that it jiggles like Jello

13. How to turn office gossip into a reality tv show

14. How to avoid being up a shit creek without a paddle

15. How to bounce back after being the target of a hard and fierce game of dodge ball

16. How to wipe that smile off your face before someone does it for you

17. How to overlook an offense even when they were playing defense

18. How to keep your hands down at your sides when they really want to go around someone’s neck

19. How to keep a smile on your face when you walk across a room and loud flatulence escapes your body and lingers

20. How to pick your nose with both hands tied behind your back

21. How to swim with the sharks when you are but a minnow

22. How to keep your eyes on the prize when you are blinded by stupidity

23. How to follow your crush without looking like a stalker

24. How to keep from going bonkers when everyone thinks your crackers

25. How to create a blog even when your bogged down and living in a fog

26. How to dress your age minus your shoe size

27. How to embrace change even when it runs you over like a steamroller

28. How to live mindfully even when you lost your mind

29. How to crush it even when you feel pulverized

30. How to map out your future when you can’t see past your nose

31. How to become the bee’s knees when you’ve been stripped of your wings

32. How to hatch your chickens before they’ve been counted

33. How to shake off the moss and stone someone

34. How to lick the honey off your fingers after trying to catch flies

35. How to clean the grease off the squeaky wheel

36. How to eat the worm before the early bird

37. How to slam that damn door shut once and for all

38. How to mature without looking like a prune

39. How to walk a mile in someone’s shoes without stepping on their toes

40. How to forever be amused by laughing at yourself

41. How to stop living like dying when you are still breathing

42. How to take experience and turn it into a mistake

43. How to stop people from beating a path to your door when you are in the bathroom

44. How to look like you fell off the turnip truck a long time ago, instead of yesterday

45. How to make mistakes so others can learn from them

46. How to deal with men being from earth

47. How to aim at nothing in life and hit the target anyway

48. How to teach a pig to sing without annoying it

49. How to find your mind after it’s been lost

50. How to tie a knot at the end of your rope even when you are dangling from a ten-story building

51. How to paint the town red even when you have a green thumb

52. How to stoop to someone else’s level without blowing out your knees

53. How to get out alive when you take life too seriously

54. How to tell the difference between a sense of humor and a sense of rumor

55. How to exchange a rabbit’s foot for horse sense

56. How to work as a team so you have someone else to blame

57. How to take a six-month vacation twice a year

58. How to pluck someone’s nose out of your business and whip their butt at the same time

59. How to put the brakes on without wearing out your favorite shoes

60. How to have a relationship with work and not have it be complicated

61. How to drink tequila without feeling like you’re being poked by cactus in the morning

62. How to forgive a man even when he’s not guilty


Which ones are your favorites?  Got any ideas to add? 





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